3DMine devotes effort to mining IT construction !

  • 3DMine Mining Engineering Software

    3DMine Mining Engineering Software

    - Well known digital mining software in the industry
    - Accumulation of 20 years of intensive cultivation in subdividing direction
    - The ability goes deep into all fields of mine design
    - Integrating modeling, design and calculation
    - Independent property rights, a national brand with international leading standards
    - International mainstream mining software design concept and function system

  • 3DMine mine cloud platform

    3DMine mine cloud platform

    - Browser based SAAS host framework
    - Intelligent mine safety production management and control platform
    - Digital twin platform for mine operation
    - Multi source heterogeneous big data processing middle platform
    - Cross terminal lightweight applications (desktop and mobile)
    - Coupling development with mining engineering software and bottom layer interworking

  • 3DMine system ecosystem

    3DMine system ecosystem

    - Comprehensive intelligent mine solutions
    - Integration ability to break barriers
    - Multi polarization depth extension capability
    - Cross domain product ecosystem
    - Diversified cognitive ecosystem
    - A win-win circle of friends

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